Table of Contents & Message of the Chairman
General Rules and Guidelines
A1 Market Basket - Asian
A2 Asian Market Basket - Continental
A3 Healthy Lifestyle
A4 Modern Contemporary Filipino
A5 Breakfast
B1 Table Setting
B2 Bartenders Cocktail Championship
B3 Barista
B4 Ice Carving
B5 Flairtending Showdown
C1 Cold Meat Buffet Platter
C2 Cold Seafood Buffet Platter
C3 Japanese Boat
C4 Pralines
C5 Wedding Cake
C6 Pastry Showpiece
S1 Market Basket - Filipino
S2 Continental
S3 Healthy Lifestyle
S4 Modern Contemporary Filipino
S5 Creative Cake Decorating
S6 Plated Desserts
S7 Table Setting
S8 Bartenders Cocktail Championship
S10 Dream Team
S11 Flairtending Showdown